Proper technique and safety is emphasized, you are encouraged to move at your own pace. Classes will also alternate use of a variety of props (chair, stage pole, shoes, etc. The class ends with a routine or free dance where you immerse yourself in the music, using the movements taught in class. We encourage you to bring music requests.


This class is designed to familiarize new students with the concepts of pole fitness. A slow breakdown of movement, flow & spins, will help enable you to feel at ease and comfortable.


This class is designed for students who are becoming comfortable with the basic dynamics and fundamentals of pole fitness. You will continue to learn the language of movement and sensual dance as well as continued strength building. This class is progressive and you build movement from spins you already know. You are tought the breakdown of climbing as well as basic inversions. You will be taught a choreographed routine and will be encouraged to start on your journey to free dance.


This class is for students who are feeling comfortable with their movement, spins, climbs, inversions, and free dance. Free dancing is expected in this class as well as confidence and control over the pole.


This class is designed for students who would llke to be challenged with advanced inverted aerial tricks, multiple combination spins, transitions and flips. The warm up is more challenging with additional strength and core conditioning added to master your power pole tricks. You are encouraged to bring you own music for your free dance in order to deepen your understanding of your body's movement.

* In an effort to provide a secure and comfortable experience for all levels, we ask that any student who regularly attends level 3 and up, to please refrain from taking level 1 classes.


This class allows you to work on putting your pole and dance skills together to create a beautiful flow of movement. Class will begin with a Smoke & Mirrors Fitness warm up and then classmates will be split into groups for free flowing improv dance.


This class you will learn a sexy arsenal of new floor & transitional moves including core building body movements. You will work your core & muscle strength , as well as flexibility, while improving your inner sexy self-confidence.

*Knee pads, leg warmers, and stilettos recommended


This class is a ballet-based full-body stretch, performed on the mat. Students will flow through the stretches much like a ballet dancer would. Students will be guided through the positions in order to promote proper technique and optimal benefit. Each stretch will be demonstrated on the basic level and will then be increased in difficulty in order to suit the level each individual student is comfortable with at that time. Modifications of the stretches will be made for any student who may need to "take it easy" in any of the stretches. No dance or flexibility background is necessary.


This class allows you to work on putting your pole and dance skills together to create a beautiful flow of movement. Class will begin with a Smoke and Mirrors Fitness warm-up and then classmates will be split into groups for free flowing improv dance. Leg warmers, stilettos and knee pads are encouraged.


"Here comes the bride all dressed in white" but under that dress is a new pair of stilettos. This package is for our brides to be, looking for some new lap, chair, or floor moves for her husband to be. It includes 2 one hour private lessons as well as a 90 minute bachelorette pole party (for up to 12 of her guests).


Whether it's a private showcase of all your favorite pole tricks or a special slow dance, surprise your lover and reserve 15 minutes of private studio time and show off your goodies. Session includes mini champagne and a chocolate goodie bag.

*Email to reserve time.


Yoga for everyone! This donation based class is open to everyone desiring to start or supplement their yoga practice. We will practice a smooth continuous style of yoga that links breath and movement through sun salutations and postures.


Twerk...Twerk...Twerk... Learn to dance predominately using your booty while accentuating your hips and body. After your booty is nice and warm, learn a choreographed routine that will make traffic stop and stare when you raise that booty in the air!


In this 30-min class, students will be guided through a basic ballet-inspired workout at the barre, set to an upbeat tempo. This class is a fun experience which will help develop lean muscle tone, proper posture and flexibility. No dance experience is needed. This barre class is a great warm-up for the stretch class that follows, as deeper stretches may be reached.


In this class, you will learn a short choreographed sexy chair routine that will teach you the art of seduction. Learn how to work the chair to make anyone's jaw drop. Stilettos, knee pads, and leg warmers are recommended to cushion your sexy floor slides.


This class is designed for anyone wanting to increase their flexibility and get a sweaty workout in at the same time. We will focus on deepening your stretch by using your breath and strength. Proper alignment will be emphasized as well as abdominal and wrist strengthening. Everything needed to develop a solid foundation to increased flexibility and contortion will be reviewed including backbends, counterbalance, headstand variations, handstand drills, front splits, middle splits, forearm stands, and more. Socks, leg and/or back warmers, a yoga mat, and blocks are helpful in this class.


Time to bust out your stiletto's and take your free dance to the next level with your own sexy swag. In this class you'll learn how to smoothly transition that sexy body of yours from one pole to another. You'll be taught how to glide from the floor to the chair or pole effortlessly in your F*ck me heels. *Stilettos recommended.


This class will teach handstand,cartwheel and walkover techniques both on and off the pole. We will progress towards these movements each week using strength and mobility methods. Practices will include partner based stretching and mobility activities. Grab a friend or make a new one!


Fly high using aerial silks and hoops! Learn to wrap, lock, climb and spin as you build all over body strength and grace while learning the aerial arts.


Come celebrate with us! Book a pole dance party class with all your friends for a Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, or just for a good time together. Parties range from 1- 3 hours and can include: Sensual floor movement, pole dance choreography, lap and chair dance, and twerking.

What You Need To Know:

- No lotion (makes the poles dangerously slippery)
- Wear comfy workout clothes (as you advance, shorts are preferable)
- We provide the mats (they are cleaned after every class)
- Bring water or we do have some available for purchase
- Please come 10 minutes early if it is your first time, you need to make any account changes, or payments need to be made