3rd Class is a Charm…by Nikki

3rd class is a charm….

So I decided to be brave and try the Tuesday, 930 class at Smoke and Mirrors Fitness, with Stacey. I’m a hairdresser, so I was worried I would have 0.0% use of my arms after this class. But I did it anyway……
There were 2 other girls in the class besides me this day. Which could’ve gone one of two ways…I could’ve either been the shining star in class, or the uncoordinated 4 year old. Luckily, both girls were so nice and although they were WAY more advanced than me, they didn’t make me feel like it for a second.
We started off doing floor work again. Push ups, sit ups, all with a hair flip or two to keep it fancy. I feel I’m definitely getting better on my floor stuff. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still gasp for air, and internally degrade myself to keep going, but I’m getting more used to it.
This time Stacey did a section where she taught us a few floor moves/workouts with numerous spicy little head flips in there. She then just let us get nuts!!!!! All of us, for literally a whole song, did those moves over and over and over. The best part was no one was doing it together. It was a floor work free for all!! Now, about halfway through I completely lost sight of what was going on. The beauty of it was it DIDN’T MATTER!!!! We were all just gettin nuts!!!! It was phenomenal!!!! And sweating like a pig the whole time!!! Fantastic right?!?!
After our fancy floor work, we proceeded to pole drills. As I mentioned in my last blog, each girl dances and does at least one trick on the pole, then moves on to the next. Now, I’ve only got a handful of tricks in my pocket. And I’m wondering at which point Stacey and or Christina will get sick of my rotating 4 tricks. But I’m noticing that at each class, I’m picking up little nuances from the other students that change up my sad 4 tricks, thus making pole drills WAY more interesting!

After pole drills we began to individually work on our tricks. Stacey decided to have me work on my climbing, which, leaves a lot to be desired. Honestly the first time I learned how to climb I was wearing my illegally high pole heels. I have since learned they offered me an unfair advantage. I was able to grip the pole better with the shiny pleather on the toe of the shoe. Stacey wants me to try learning without my 7″ shoe/crutch. Climbing without shoes is a whole different ball game. Forget the fact that my arms are about as strong as a wee little babies arms….. I was worried about my abs trying to pull my WHOLE body up! I’m not even going to lie about this, it’s hard. But between Stace and Christina, and the more I work on it, I’m confident it will happen !
After many exhausting pole climbs, I began to worry that I would be without the use of my arms that day, so we began to work on a new spin. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I almost nailed it a couple times ;)
So things are looking up!!! 3rd time was a charm! Each class I attend is bringing with it more confidence and excitement. I absolutely got worked in this last class, and to prove it, I got my first pole bruise!!!!! Hollerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Straight up badge of honor!!!!! Trust me when I tell you that I made sure i was featured in sleeveless shirts all week as to highlight said bruise. It was beautiful!!
Looking forward to more spins, climbs, and badges of honor!!!!


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2 Responses to 3rd Class is a Charm…by Nikki

  1. Lisa T says:

    Loved it!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love Pole Bruise Badges…thanks for another great installment :)

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