“Play Date with the Pole-Round 2 (Ding)” By Nikki

Nikki and Sloan

Round 2:

So, I’m going to start off by being brutally honest. Anyone ever start working out again after a ridiculous amount of time?! That time off being spent expending calories by vigoursly cutting my meat rather than full body movement? That’s me. And oh let me tell you how your body responds to its first dance with activity.

Stacey’s class OWNED me!! There were muscles in my body that hurt that were never aware they were actually muscles. I considered bed rest, but I knew I had to press on. When I finally was able to wash my own hair I signed up for my next class…..

For round 2 I decided to take class from Christina. I have seen her preform many times, and was definitely intimated to take her class. So here goes nothin……
I walked in and immediately was warmly welcomed. Any “first day of school and I forgot to wear clothes” feelings were quickly washed away. I was definitely feeling more confident than last class. We quickly go to the mat for our first part of class. Just to be clear, there is absolutely a pilates/yoga element to these classes. The sit ups and push ups Christina teaches are NOT for the faint of heart. Apparently we have lower abs. I had no idea. Bless my sweet little lower abs, they were called to the front line and tried as hard as they could to keep up. Have you ever laid on your back and held up a school bus with just your feet?! Pretty much how I was feeling towards the end. I’m definitely excited about the fact that these classes are about so much more than swinging my buns around a pole. I’m learning yoga! And pilates!!! And about muscles I was pretty sure my pregnancy demolished!! After the first part of class I was confident that any pole dancing I was going to do involved laying down next to it and staring at my hair in the reflection.

Initially I was intimated Not knowing the expertise of all the other girls in class. I was relieved when Christina went from girl to girl, deciding on what tricks to individually work on. We were all at different levels but were working together to master individual goals. Nice!! We decided I needed to work on my pole climbing technique. As easy as it sounds, my upper body strength is limited to lifting a 30 pound child. On one side. So figuring out how to pull over 100 lbs of pure hot mess up this pole was clearly going to take some one on one attention. Christina masterfully taught me the best way to use every part of my body to help me shimmy on up there like a pro.
Towards the end of class we did pole drills. This consists of moving from pole to pole, doing at least one trick on each pole, all the while appearing like a pro. Because we were all dancing at the same time, I never felt awkward or singled out. The last part of class usually is a freestyle. This pulls together everything we have learned that day while dancing to a song of your choice. I was almost out of steam, but continued on, taking pauses every once and a while, making sure I was at least still flipping my hair to blend in ;)
The days after Christinas class absolutely still involved not being able to bend down, or walk up the stairs to work under 30 minutes time, but it felt great. I’m working out. It’s happening. I’m feeling stuff respond!!!!

I highly recommend taking classes from both Stacey and Christina. Both girls are phenomenal, but bring to the table different techniques and styles. Combined they are the best of both worlds, and the complete package. Thank you both for helping me on this journey ladies!
Next week I’m venturing out and trying a morning class. Let’s see how many highlights I can do that afternoon after annihilating my biceps in the morning. Please pray for my clients that day ;)


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4 Responses to “Play Date with the Pole-Round 2 (Ding)” By Nikki

  1. Stacey says:

    Nikki, you make me laugh!!!

  2. Lennette says:

    Shhh you have inspired me!!! I took classes at “Another Place” in “Costa Mesa” for two years and was in the best shape of my life! There were still alot of tricks I just could not do on that damn pole….but it didn’t matter! I was in touch with “Her” and absolutely found my power within. Sadly…I had to drop out due to financial reasons….because the “other place” was outrageously priced. But I am ready to get back to it! And thanks to your 2nd class adventure…I am even more empowered!! Nice going!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! The abs…in my case…if you can find them….never get easier. But just to feel them cry in pain let’s you know that they need to be heard!

  3. Lisa T says:

    I love reading your blogs! Great job!

  4. brittany nevins says:

    that was awesome! so funny.

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