“I’ve signed up for my first class…”

So you’ve decided to start Pole at Smoke and Mirrors Fitness…

HOORAY!! We’re so excited to see you!

You must have a million questions, but let’s start small with a few things you may want to bring with you to your first class:

  • a hand towel or something to wipe yourself down with, you WILL get sweaty. Trust.
  • a bottle of water, staying hydrated is a MUST
  • leggings or leg warmers
  • form fitting shorts or workout bottoms, you want to be able to move freely without getting lost in your garments
  • appropriate sports support (aka sports bra or a dance belt for the fellas)
  • tank top or semi-loose fitting shirt or both, layering is always good!
  • socks; knee highs or regular
  • a yoga mat if you prefer using your own over the studio provided mats
  • if your hair is long, you may want to bring extra hair ties to pull your hair out of your face for the majority of class; see above RE sweaty
  • a small baggie or container for small items like jewelry; you may choose to Pole with them on but it’s a good idea to have something to stash them in if you decide they are getting in your way

If you’ve already taken a Pole class before, you probably already have all that; here’s a few ideas of items you may want to include in your bag:

  • liquid grip of your choosing, careful with the super sticky sprays (make sure you’re cleaning the Pole really well after)
  • grip gloves if you use them
  • dance shoes
  • knee pads
  • Arnica gel, liquid bandage, pain killer of your choosing (i.e. Advil), emergency bandaids just in case
  • notepad and pen to jot down moves or sequences to choreography you love; you may also ask to film the instructor (if time permits) with your phone so you can practice

It’s always good practice to avoid any sort of body oil, hair oil, self tanner, lotion or body butter for at least 24 hours before you have a Pole Class. You don’t want to “grease up” the Pole for yourself or your classmates.

But the most important item you can bring with you to your first Pole Class is:

  • YOURSELF! Bring your open mind and great attitude! Pole is very challenging but very rewarding. The instructors are incredibly supportive as well as your fellow students, you’ll make great friends and have a fantastic workout! You’re going to have more fun and be more challenged than you can imagine; IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!


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