Wild Woman~ by Shawna

Wild Women

I believe that when you peer into the soul of any women you will find an untamed natural creature. This Wild Women as I shall call her is in all of us. She lives in the depths of our essence and is an endangered species. She has been suppressed by many and become extinct in others. Once she is extinct you become the over-domesticated, afraid, fruitless, trapped, ordinary women that society expects you to be. When she becomes alive and acknowledged she is a powerful force. She is a gift given to all of us at birth, society does not teach us what to do with her or how to handle her, which is why sorrowfully many suppress her until extinction. I learned to give her life, breathe with her, take her along with me, nurture her and now I have become her. Pole class at Smoke & Mirrors Fitness has brought out my Wild Women, it is a safe place for her to play and express how she feels. She can be any emotion in pole class, she is excepted without any judgment. When the days seem long and you have to put the Wild Women aside for ordinary life, there is no better feeling than to step into pole class and let her out. I feel more alive today than ever before. I allow my Wild Women out every week and give her the time she deserves. I would encourage everyone to find her and allow her to create a positive balance and powerful energy in your life.

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One Response to Wild Woman~ by Shawna

  1. Sharon says:

    Yes i believe strongly that there is a wild woman in our soul.

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