Smoke and Mirrors Fitness… A Reflection of Inspiration!
People of all ages, sizes, and shapes are beginning to explore the craze of pole fitness. No longer the taboo of a night club, pole dancing is now a fun effective way to tone your body, build self confidence, and have a great time. Developed with the contemporary woman in mind, Smoke and Mirrors Fitness provides a 60 - 90 minute class that begins with a 30 minute warm-up incorporating stretching, yoga, Pilates, sensual and flirty dance movements, and strength training. Then on to pole work, where you will learn 2-3 pole tricks every class. We have plenty of space to spin, climb and flip on ten poles as tall as 15', both 2" and 1.75" round, which all have the capability to be spinning or stationary. Classes will also alternate use of a variety of props (chair, stage pole, shoes, etc.). The class ends with a routine or free dance where you immerse yourself in the music, using the movements taught in class. We encourage you to bring music requests. Imagine swirling and dancing yourself around a pole, heart and music pumping as you free yourself of the days stresses in a safe and friendly environment. Join us in this amazing workout and inspire your inner strength, dance, and freeness. Smoke and Mirrors Fitness…A Reflection of Inspiration!


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